How Commercial Security Systems  are Key to the Safety of Your Business

Developing a coordinated and cohesive security plan is crucial to the success of your business as well as the safety of your personnel. Working with security companies who specialize in implementing home security systems Bend Oregon will help protect your inventory and create a safer environment for your workers too. You can learn more at

Let’s take a closer look at some important factors of a successful business security plan:

  • Paying attention to security policies – The human element of any security plan largely depends on clear rules that are uniform in natural as well as specific guidelines that would apply to all staff members. Setting up a safety net and helping your staff members adhere to it may very well prevent some serious mistakes that could endanger both employees and your property. Ensuring all outside doors are locked will prevent criminals from accessing your facility just by pulling the door handle. Having the right plan in place can be a winning recipe and ensure a secure work area.
  • Having a Watchful Eye in Place – No doubt, camera surveillance systems happen to have a large impact on the general safety of one’s business premises. In certain cases, security cameras Bend Oregon will serve as a useful deterrent to professional thieves and allow you to avoid various unsafe issues before they happen. In turn, cameras are great for monitoring purposes that ensure the overall safety of your most valuable commodity, your employees. Also, it offers valuable evidence of vandalism or theft to be used by the police to arrest anyone who is guilty of malicious intent.
  • Tiered Access Control Security Systems – These will allow one to create customized access to various areas of your business to your employees. Access control cards are the favorite choice for most security companies. These advanced devices will not only prevent unauthorized entry by anyone but can maintain an activity record of what happened on your premises during your absence. Many business owners opt for keyless access options to ensure their people and property is safeguarded against potential intruders.
  • Fire Safety for a Safe Work Environment – What is critical to the safety of your staff members would be properly functioning smoke detection and fire alarm system. Ensure your Bend Oregon commercial security systems are up to date and able to provide an advanced warning in cases of a fire or any other chemical incident. This way, your business may enjoy the safest all round working environment as well as the fastest response times should an emergency take place.

At SOS Alarm they offer comprehensive business security solutions that will work seamlessly to offer protection for your facilities and employees.

One of the responsibilities of a business owner is to see to it that their premises are protected, even when they are not on location. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The most effective manner is by having a commercial security system installed to protect the assets every hour of the day.

Your business may have been around for many years, and you never paid attention to any security system or even deemed it necessary. However, we are living in a world where we can no longer assume that everything will be just fine. One way or another your security can be compromised. Do you want to take a chance?

Consider some of the following reasons that will benefit your business:

  • A correctly installed security system acts a deterrent to employee theft by strategically placing the security cameras in such a way that you can monitor employee behavior. Also, they will be more responsible and productive in knowing they are being watched.
  • Security systems minimize the risk of shoplifting as it lets people see themselves entering the retail location. Knowing they are watched or recorded will put them off from stealing. If someone tries to steal, the chances are greater that they’ll be apprehended.
  • The risk of forceful entry will be eliminated as the average burglar is on the lookout for an easier way to break in and not get caught on video.
  • Protect your customers and employees in the parking area. They would feel safer knowing the surrounding areas are well-lit and motion sensors are in place.
  • Be protected against fraudulent claims as the CCTV security camera will present evidence whether or not a worker got injured on duty.