What Does it Take to Be a Criminal Defense Attorney

What is all involved in being a criminal defense attorney and why do these men and women deserve their defendant’s respect?

Criminal attorneys, also known as criminal defense lawyers and public defenders, make it their business to defend organizations, individuals, and entities who’ve been charged with a crime. Criminal lawyers take care of a diverse range of criminal cases such as sex crimes, theft, domestic violence crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, fraud, and embezzlement.

Talking to defense attorneys firms like the Medford Law Center provides some insight into their career path and daily practice.

Education and Experience

A defense lawyer that deals with criminal offenses have to obtain a law degree and pass the bar examination in the state of New Jersey or any other state where they intend on practicing. Some legal practitioners earn board certification from the NBLSC (National Board of Legal Specialty Certification, which happens to be a non-profit organization that has been accredited by the American Bar Association to furnish Medford Oregon attorneys with board certification.

Defense Attorney Job Description

They are appointed to represent defendants facing criminal charges in appellate, federal, and state courts. The extent of their practice includes plea bargains, bail bond hearings, probation or parole hearings, trial, and appeals. As part of their job function, law firms in Oregon will:

  • Interview witnesses and investigate cases
  • Research procedural law, crimes codes, statutes, and case law
  • Develop a defense strategy and build a case strategy
  • Start off the plea bargain with the prosecution for lesser charges
  • Prepare, file and contend certain in order to either dismiss or suppress these
  • Back the defendant during trial
  • Prepare, file as well as argue appeals


Defense attorneys in Medford Or, need to have superior written and oral advocacy skill sets to fight a client’s case before the judge of the court and to persuade the jury. Research and investigative skills are just as crucial in shaping a client’s case. Also, they must possess strong analytical skills and creative thinking to grow a legitimate strategy, litigate complex cases, which include the ability to assess case law.

Divorce Attorneys, who deal with criminal matters, need to develop a birds-eye view of local, federal and state rules, evidentiary laws, court procedures as well as local juries to traverse the justice system competently and efficiently. Also, superior communication skills are required to build a robust relationship with their clients.

Criminal defendants are a demanding group who at times go through many law persons before they settle on someone they favor. Law firms like the Medford Law Center know all too well how essential it is to thrive as a criminal defense practice in their region.

Practice Domain of a Defense Attorney

Most legal practitioners who specialize in criminal defense cases operate within a private practice or a solo firm. Some would work for the government or nonprofit agencies as public defenders.

Criminal attorneys often have to work irregular hours as they regularly have to meet up with clients outside office hours at prisons, courthouses, hospitals or elsewhere.

Defense Attorney Salary

A criminal defense attorney’s salary would vary as it depends on the scope and size of their practice as well as the clientele they serve. Nonprofit and public defender salaries are within the $30,000 to $50,000 bracket. Legal practitioners who specialize in criminal defense and who operate within a law firm generally earn the highest wages while experienced law persons may very well make a pocket. However, you can be sure they are well worth the payment they receive at the end of the day.

Job Outlook

One thing is certain; criminal law is regarded as a growing concern because criminal laws and crime rates are rising and the number of individuals who are sentenced to prison has nearly tripled over the last three decades. What is more, crime rates doubled, and populations in jails are going out of proportion across America. As newer criminal laws are codified, and citizens in the U.S are charged under federal and state laws, the need for criminal attorneys firms like the Medford Law Center to defend the accused will definitely rise.